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Lone Worker Safety Consultancy - We don’t sell gadgets, we provide solutions to save lives. A common theme we hear from many of our clients is that they have “been going around in circles” trying to figure out the best solution for their remote and isolated staff.

We have tried and proven processes and templates to assist you to work your way through your lone worker project. Ensuring you capture everyone, how often they work alone or remote, their role and the risk they’re exposed to and whether or not they work outside of cell cover. Once all the correct data is gathered, we can analyse it, and prepare a proposal using the best fit for purpose devices and process for each role/individual and the most efficient spend.

We will assist you with the updating of your lone worker policy to ensure it reflects the use of the new technology.

We will configure and fully commission the GPS duress devices, once we have worked through with you what the most appropriate settings are for each role.

The end user training is a vital component. Our trainers are EMA qualified and know the technology. They make sure everyone is comfortable with their device, and know how to activate an SOS.

You may have existing GPS devices in use, but would prefer them to be professionally monitored. That’s no problem. We can take over the monitoring of most devices (provided we approve of the quality of the device), review your lone worker policy and processes and even re-train your staff to make sure your solution really will keep them safe.

Guardian Angel Security can pick up your Lone Worker project and assist with the delivery of each phase on a consultancy basis. We can be as involved as you need us to be, depending on your internal resource.

Our aim is to take the pain away, but to ensure you end up with the best possible lone worker solution for your staff and that they are engaged and fully trained when it’s implemented.

The Waikato Regional Council case study, describes a very successful implementation

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