What We do


Fit for Purpose Lone Worker Solutions – We provide solutions to save lives



We work with established proven Lone Worker specialised hardware manufacturers such as Blackline Safety (G7X, G7C, M6, Loner), Garmin (inReach) and Sec.Eng (EGIS). If new GPS Duress Devices come on the market, we stress test them to see if we should add them to our stable of “best of breed” devices.  Find out more...


Establishing the network saturation of the areas your Lone Workers are operating in is imperative for a duress solution to deliver. The GPS location and panic may always work, but if there's no network to carry the signal out, nobody can respond. Find out more...


We have tried and proven processes and templates to assist you work your way through your lone worker project.  Ensuring you capture everyone, how often they work alone or remote, their role and the risk they’re exposed to and whether or not they work outside of cell cover.  Find out more...


Monitoring of Lone Workers is vastly different from monitoring of buildings or assets.  Our operators have specific duress alert training, and we have rigid processes in the event of a duress alarm from a Guardian Angel lone worker.