Waikato Regional Council

Doing it right, with their inReach satellite solution

Waikato Regional Council

The Waikato Regional Council went to tender to find their solution.  Guardian Angel proposed a fully managed and monitored satellite solution.  The solution went live on 1st July this year and we are so impressed with the WRC staff!  They have a range of different processes to suit the diverse roles within the council.  This includes different check in profiles for staff use depending on their role and task.  Using check in profiles on satellite devices is a way to mitigate the risk of being out of cell cover, and that the satellite device does not have man down functions, so it has to be manually activated.  If it’s a low risk day, we just need to hear from them at the end of it so we know they’re back safe.  If it’s a medium risk day, check in twice and high risk 3 or 4 times right up to the Harbour Masters and Environmental Scientists who could check in every 2hours.  The key is they have a means of communication regardless of where they are, they have an SOS and help button – the check in is an additional risk mitigation if they are working remote and alone and/or undertaking tasks that carry a degree of risk.

Checking in is easy, but remembering to actually do it can be a challenge when you are absorbed in the task!  As a rule we find it takes 4-6 months for regular users of the solution to really form new habits, especially with the range of profiles and processes in one workplace.  The Waikato Council staff have taken to this like ducks to water!

 Guardian Angel Anna trained all the end users at the council and it’s clear she did a fantastic job.  They practised messaging and activating SOS.  The managers got training on the Tracertrak portal so they are confident at running reports and checking location of staff and messaging them if they have concerns.  Consistent training to all end users with emphasis on the key points we know from experience are vital for success, has proven its worth;  combined with clear and easy to follow support documentation and processes.  And we are only a call away; although we haven’t had many calls which is a great testament to the training and the engagement level of the staff who are all excited to know they are only a push of a button away from help if ever they need it.  


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