Waikato District Council

Keeping Staff Safe with EGIS

Waikato District Council

Waikato District Council have a number of sites, some in socially challenging areas, where they felt their staff were not as safe as they could be.  They wanted more.  They got in touch with Guardian Angel.  They now have 11 sites (camp sites, libraries and info centres) who have all been trained on the use of the EGIS duress device.  Incidentally…. The H&S Manager provided feedback that our training was the best training she’d witnessed.  We love that!


There is one device at each site and if staff notice something untoward going on anywhere on site (or outside) they put the device on before they go to investigate.  Staff know to press the panic button, even if in doubt, which will connect a two-way voice function so that the operator can hear what’s happening. This call gets recorded which is useful for future evidence.  The staff at the sites know it’s better to just press the panic button and stand Police or help down, than to not use it.  The device also has a man down function should the worst happen and they are unable to press the button.   If staff are uncomfortable about anyone hanging around the site and they are closing up alone, they know they can wear the device home and simply bring it back the next day.


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