Tararua District Council

Welcome on board!

Tararua District Council

Tararua District Council joined their colleagues at Wairoa District Council for their training session on the Blackline Safety G7X product.  Wairoa had made the decision to implement this solution for their high risk Animal Control team. Tararua were in the process of making a decision so the invite to come along to the Wairoa re-fresher training was a great opportunity for them to see how it worked, and how Guardian Angel delivers the training and support.  G7X is hybrid and works in and out of cell cover.  It has all the functions you need to keep high risk staff safe. Tararua DC emailed us the next day with confirmation that they would also like this level of protection for their Animal Control team.


Guardian Angel have been busy setting up their devices and testing them for full commissioning before we go and train their staff in the next few days.  Every new client we add to our list, is growing Peace of Mind for the team here at Guardian Angel that we are keeping a few more at-risk workers safe.  We see so many badly implemented solutions and so many low grade devices which we know won’t work, so when we bring on a new client, we feel like we’re a step closer to a truly safe lone work force.  


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