Argus Collaboration and Monitoring of alerts on Telematics Solutions

An exciting new collaboration!

Argus Collaboration and Monitoring of alerts on Telematics Solutions

There has been a lot of inquiries from customers in regards to the ability to see their lone workers and vehicles on the same mapping platform.  To answer to that wish, Guardian Angel are collaborating with Argus tracking to provide a solution.


The challenge has always been that tracking and monitoring vehicles usually doesn’t have to be done “live” and the outcomes sought and delivered are vastly different from lone worker solutions.  Argus are technology focused and have a brilliant industry leading solution, but they also take great pride in their customer support function.  Ensuring that you really are getting the most from your system. 


Having come from a GPS telematics background, Petra understands how vital this is.  There are a lot of telematics providers on the market, who can largely do the same thing, where they really can prove themselves, is in how well they support their customers.  While Guardian Angel uses technology to deliver safety, we are very focused on the people and their engagement with the technology, thus the Argus/GAS collaboration was a no brainer!  This means that the inReach devices will be visible on the Argus platform and Guardian Angel can monitor your vehicle alerts (all very soon!) If you are interested in talking with us about this solution, please do get in touch with us, or with Argus on 0800 872 548.


We can potentially monitor your existing telematics solution via API. If this is something you would like to dicuss with us, please get in touch to have a chat.