Safety 360

Safety 360

Guardian Angel exhibited at the Safety 360 conference at the end March.  We were pleased to notice a much improved level of awareness and ownership of the risk of lone/remote work.  We had some great conversations, and were able to clarify a few facts in regards to solutions.  Specifically as below:

  • Spot devices do not use iridium for any function, not SOS or help. It uses Globalstar (their parent co) for everything.   Two very different networks.  Iridium is the only network that can claim “no black spots” and has forwarding technology.  Thus, iridium is the only network we recommend for remote work. 
  • EPIRB’s and PLB’s don’t track.  If someone simply doesn’t come back from their day in a remote location, they could be unconscious somewhere.  You will have no way of knowing where your missing person is.  Lone workers need to have a solution that regularly tracks. 

Apps, including our new “Halo” lone worker app, are really only suitable in low risk environments, but useful to tether to a Garmin inReach for man down out of cell cover. 


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