Providing Superior Customer Service - It's What We Do

Providing Superior Customer Service - It's What We Do

Following the implementation of any solution, we provide on-going support to our clients. This is a vital component to the success of a lone worker solution.


The Waikato Regional Council have been using inReach on TracerTrak for over 2 years now. Like any council, their staff work in many different environments with different levels of risk. 

Last week some of their more high risk staff were working alone and out of cell cover, and had their inReach devices with them. Their manager logged into the platform and couldn't see 2 out of 3 of their devices sending updated location regularly, as we would have expected with a 10 minute tracking plan. This caused some concern, as you can imagine. They got in touch with us to see if we could work out what was going on, and indeed, if there was a cause for concern. We did some troubleshooting, and were able to determine that 2 of their 3 devices had their tracking turned off. We were able to request the devices current location; message the users and ask them to turn tracking on, and saw regular location updates on the platform from then on.

A Heath and Safety representative had this to say...

"You and your team’s service is beyond exemplary … (and, more importantly, it shows that we are super-efficient too!)"



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