London Lone Worker Expo 2018

Petra is heading to London end of September for the only dedicated Lone Worker Expo globally.   

London Lone Worker Expo 2018

Here’s some of the topics that will be covered:

Legal responsibilities and the implication of not addressing these

Ways to address mental health and wellbeing concerns for lone workers

Latest thinking on the use of technology and training solutions

Questions to ask when procuring a lone worker system and the impact of BS84 84

The increase in Violence and Aggression towards lone workers and practical tools to reduce and manage the risk

The challenges of managing lone working in the community and in high pressure situations

Identifying and implementing effective control measures for the Health and Safety risks to lone workers

Contingency planning and practical advice for major incidents and terrorist attacks when travelling in the UK and abroad


We’re hoping Petra doesn’t need to draw on what she learns in regards to the last topic!!!!
While we keep our finger on the pulse in regards to emerging technology globally, we think there will be some amazing learning opportunities in areas such as processes and procedures with how the solutions are used, technology integrations and how the response is managed.
If you have questions or would like any sort of research done on how Lone Workers are managed globally, please feel free to fire her through an email prior to 25th September. 
Useful link
Of course we’d like to add a bullet point to this list of “what you can do” which would read; “Contact Guardian Angels” but this is a pretty useful link if you need to just “sum up” the risks and figure out what to do:


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