inReach Mini released

Garmin release their Mini size inReach

inReach Mini released

Garmin have this month released the Mini!  It basically does all the same stuff as the normal size inReach but it’s so much smaller!!!  If you are looking to replace your Spot devices or PLB’s, here is a much better alternative!

The battery life is 50hrs versus the 100hrs on the full size, and the memory size is smaller but….. for many of our customers that’s still fine!  It’s not a massive saving to buy at $579.00+gst but….. it’s so small which we know many of our users will love!

You should still always have it in a mount when driving so it can track through the windscreen.  The suction cup spine mount for the mini retails for $49.00+ gst.
For our Tracertrak customers, unfortunately the mini can’t sit on that platform so if you need to have automated welfare checks, you will need to stick with the full size inReach. 
The Rainmaker review is a great read, click here to check it out.

Guardian Angel are exhibiting at the Safeguard Show next week (30th and 31stMay).  We will have the new inReach Mini there to show you, so come and see us!
In regards to the use of Spot devices (Gen 3 or similar products), there are a number of independent reviews which have been done; click here for a really thorough review. From our perspective, we don’t feel they meet the HSWA requirement for “effective communication”.  We also have a lot of anecdotal evidence of consistent failures with the Spot devices from existing customers so we don’t recommend them.  They are simply not as reliable being on a different satellite network (not iridium) and don’t do effective two way communications.  So maybe now is the time to look at moving on up to a more effective (and safe) out of cell cover communication method.
If you would like to chat to us about the Mini, or any other lone worker device, please give us a call or contact us.