The Importance of Monthly Tests

Why should you test devices each month?

The Importance of Monthly Tests

A couple of weeks ago we were discussing the importance of monthly testing with a potential new client.  She’s new to the company and following our conversation decided to test one of the Spot devices she knew a lot of their workers in remote locations relied upon.  Replacing them was already a project with budget, but all the same, she was interested in how urgent it was.  Turns out it’s very urgent!  The device failed. 


When she checked with the monitoring and platform providers, they advised that device had not sent any signals since 2015!!! 2015….. over 2 years!  She was aghast and horrified that all their remote and lone workers in remote locations (and there are quite a few) have been relying on these devices, including this one.  The potential consequences are too scary to think about. 


Our monthly test report makes is super easy for managers to follow up with the correct staff on why they are not testing and potentially not using their devices.  And of course, picks up if any devices are not working.  Not only making sure staff are safe, but also making sure the business is compliant with testing their emergency systems and that the investment made by the business in the solution is providing value.  Non tested devices appear in red with last test date.