Guardian Angel at the Shows

Safety 360, EMA Health and Safety Show, 2018

Guardian Angel at the Shows

Guardian Angel exhibited at Safety 360 and the EMA Health and Safety Show.  Petra also presented at the EMA show which was a great privilege.  Her score by the audience was a 4.5 out of 5! Very happy with that knowing it’s a tough gig to please all the people in the room! 


We thoroughly enjoyed both shows.  The common feedback we got, was from existing users of solutions who were not impressed with what it was delivering (not Guardian Angel customers of course!).  It confirmed what we already know, and what drives us to deliver solutions differently from any other provider.  If staff are not engaged, don’t understand the technology, are not trained thoroughly the solution as a consequence is commonly blamed for what is actually a lack of understanding of how it works. It is also very clear that if the devices are not commissioned and tested correctly, with good communication between the provider, and the customer, on what the roles of the end users are, to ensure they are configured to suit the environment, it fails.  All this should be done before the devices are handed to the end users.  There is no point having a man down/impact function set (especially if set too sensitive) for a worker who is crawling around in tight spaces.  They are much better off using the no movement function. 


Setting these devices up and testing them before they are put to use is something that we won’t budge on.  Yes we charge for our time to commission and test, but we know how vital it is.


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