Guardian Angel Receive Support From SheEO

Guardian Angel Receive Support From SheEO

SheEO is a women lead economic model to help fund women entrepreneurs.  Guardian Angel were first to market with a niche, specialised offer in the Lone worker field.  We have worked tirelessly and passionately to educate and inform the market on not just the technology, but also how to successfully implement it.


We are constantly reviewing how we do what we do, and developing better reports, training, integration, sourcing ideas and technology and developing them.  Hundreds of radically generous women (“activators”) voted for Guardian Angel to receive funds to continue the amazing work we do in keeping people safe.  What an absolute honour. 


Here is a small clip from the weekend Petra spent with 4 other amazing business founders along with a business development coach. 

Guardian Angel Security - SheEo

If you have female staff you wish to give a boost to, I would encourage sponsoring them to “activate” in the SheEO network. 

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