Guardian Angel Monitoring Centre

Guardian Angel Monitoring Centre

The Monitoring Centre is a buzzing hive of activity! Monitoring our lone workers each and every day, they respond to each alert in a timely and professional manner.


On average, the 60 employees will answer up to 10,000 incoming calls each week, with 43,000 alarms, providing their superior monitoring service 24/7.


A typical week will see 196 shifts carefully managed, with operators spending on average 180 hours on the phone.


Lone worker alarms are Priority One, and while the national standard response time for these alarms is 60 seconds, their operator's average response time is 23 seconds, that's pretty impressive!


One of the reasons the centre performs at such a high standard is due to their ability to retain staff. Currently, their 60 employees have an average length of service of 30 months and this is actively measured.


This graph shows the current experience held within the team. It's the red lines with over 12 that hurt - never like losing experience.  Fantastic to know however, that there are only 16% of staff with less than 10 months of service!