Sacred Hill Vineyard

Sharon Ayres, Continuous Improvement Manager - Sacred Hill
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What they say:

When Sacred Hill Vineyards started the search for a technology solution which would protect Sacred Hills Lone Workers she wasn’t quite sure where to start.

Their vineyard team were frequently driving between the different sites and visiting far reaches of the properties alone. Cell cover is inconsistent on one property in particular.

Sharon got in touch with Guardian Angel who recommend testing of the EGIS cell based duress device. An Australian designed and manufactured device, the design of the antenna, chipset and modem has shown it requires less signal strength than placing a mobile phone call.

Guardian Angel provided a test EGIS device for Sharon to visit the properties with. Breadcrumb and 60 second polling reports were run to ensure it would provide adequate cover.

The EGIS performed and Sacred Hill Managers now wear one each. For Sacred Hill it was decided that the man down and two way voice function was an important feature to keep their vineyard team safe.

Sacred Hill will have Peace of Mind that their Lone Workers are never alone.

  • Client: Sacred Hill Vineyard