Waikato Regional Council

Marie Fullerton, Health & Safety Advisor | Human Resources
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What they say:

Our legacy system to control risk to our remote and isolated staff was no longer sufficient in looking after our changing business needs. We also highlighted the need to keep up with developments in technology, mitigating the need for manual check ins and job call ins.

We had been grappling with the question of what would be a better solution for our Lone Workers for some time. Eventually we went to market with an RFP in 2016. Guardian Angel Security were appointed the provider with their proposed SatAngel solution; a fully managed and monitored satellite solution. We knew cell phone cover was an issue in many areas our field staff operate in and we were not prepared to take the risk of relying on a cell based solution, so for us, it would give us Peace of Mind that our Lone Workers would always be able to get assistance from the Guardian Angel monitoring and managed response, and they would be able to communicate regardless their location.

Guardian Angel worked with the Health and Safety team to socialise the solution with first the steering group and then the end users and their managers. They also delivered the solution training to all end users and administrators. The end result was a solution that has embedded without the many issues that can occur with new technology. We are confident we chose the best solution available to suit our varied roles and risks, and the best provider to deliver and support it.

  • Client: Waikato Regional Council