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Specialising in solutions that deliver safety and protection for lone workers


Lone Worker Protection

Matching your risk and environment to the most appropriate hardware and processes.

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Secure Monitoring

24/7 alert monitoring and support


Specialised Consultants

That help clients implement the absolute best fit for purpose lone worker solution for their staff


Our purpose and mission

Our  team has spent the last 10 years in the securities and GPS industries specialising in lone worker solutions.

We work with clients from Governnment to SME's on a variety of networks and risk environments. We have seen where these solutions have failed with the involvement of too many providers and no real transparency as a result. Guardian Angel Security will ensure you are protected from this exposure.

What we do


We work with globally established proven hardware manufacturers


Establishing the network saturation of the areas your staff are operating in.


We provide 24/7 Support and Monitoring for your lone workers.


Industry-leading suite of service programs and interactive training.

Your Staff Safety

Your Staff Safety Your staff safety is all we care about.

We know you do too, but you have a big job to do already. Let us give you peace of mind that you have handed this project to the people who have time to investigate the correct solution, the risks the processes and escalations.

A seamless delivery of a solution that will keep delivering. We will make sure that the solution you choose is going to do the absolute best it can to keep them safe. We will talk to them, find out what their fears are, what they have to deal with, where they go, how they move, who will respond, what will work for them and then find the solution that they will use, and will work in their environnment.

Not just today, but for as long as you and they need us. That's our promise. Your staff safety is our business.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions We ensure the wheels keep turning

Guardian Angel have a number of providers they partner with to ensure the correct solution is implemented for your staff. Hardware partners whose solutions are proven, and whose delivery is trusted.

The networks whether cellular, radio and satelite. The monitoring station is state of the art and have been delivering health and safety monitoring for government departments and private industry for a number of years.

Guardian Angel will ensure the wheels keep turning and that your solution keeps delivering long past contract signing. We also offer a consultancy service to re-assess existing solutions, investigate or implement lone worker projects.

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What Clients Say About Us

Shaun McIntosh
Regional Health & Safety Adviser , Tonkin + Taylor
Hi Petra I thought I would send through some feedback on the back of an external audit we have recently been through. The reporting element of the Guardian Angel process was particularly appreciated, not only were we able to demonstrate robust controls regarding mitigating the risk around lone and remote workers, but with consistent reports seamlessly being issued without fail, it gave us and the auditor clear evidence that we are managing these risks with what is now a well embedded process working in tandem with Guardian Angel. Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the team.
Marie Fullerton
Health & Safety Advisor | Human Resources, Waikato Regional Council
The end result was a solution that has embedded without the many issues that can occur with new technology.
Stephanie Shores
Health & Safety Manager , Waipa District Council
Every time I run into one of our staff with the devices, I ask how they are getting along and each has said they feel more confident and safer having it on them.    Awesome!!