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We work with established proven hardware manufacturers. We know that their devices actually do what they say they do. We have suppliers who have technology that will operate on cellular (GPRS), radio and satelite networks all with GPS location reporting.

A lot of NZ companies operate in areas where there is no stable cell cover and we need to utilise radio or satelite devices.  You may require a mix of network capable products in your workforce.  For your staff the processes will be the same, and the monitoring escalations will be the same which keeps it simple, but you will only need to deal with one supplier.  You may already have radio equipment in use which can be upgraded to accomodate lone worker functionality and monitoring.  



Establishing the network saturation of the areas your staff are operating in is imperative for a solution to deliver. The GPS location and panic may always work, but if there's no network to carry the signal out, nobody can respond.

It may require us to spend time with your staff and different devices to test the equipment depending on the reliability and availability of saturation data from the network providers.  While some terrains are more challenging than others, and may require more complex hardware solutions, there's usually always a way.



The range of devices are worn about the person. In the event of a threat, the wearer is able to alert our 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre. Our skilled operators are able to listen to the incident and locate a user’s whereabouts using GPS, ensuring no suspicion is raised.

By listening to and capturing everything that takes place during the incident, our trained monitoring staff can respond appropriately, depending on the severity of the situation - including calling out the emergency services, alerting colleagues/supervisors and archiving recordings as evidence for any legal action.

The Guardian Angel Security monitoring providers have extensive experience in Lone Worker procedures. They have one clever software platform that delivers all the activations, regardless of the solution or network it comes in on. Your instructions pop up in front of the operator with clear steps to be taken.

They have rigid operator training procedures and there's always a senior team leader on every shift for escalations. They have solid business contingency plans so should there be a disaster and the centre loses power or have to be evacuated, they have a back up operational facillity in a different city to which all signals wil be re-directed. They are audited by the government bi anually. Your staff will still be safe. 



You may have your own control room to monitor your staff but need asistance with internal processes, or wish to break the project up into phases, or indeed have hardware which may still be useful. Guardian Angel can pick up your project and assist with the delivery of each phase on a consultancy basis.  
Contact us now to discuss how we can best help you. You can write us at- info@guardianangelsecurity.co.nz