Network Hardware Monitoring

Seamless Lone Worker Solutions

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Capability Statement

Our focus is lone worker solutions...

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Lone Worker Protection

Matching your risk and environment to the most appropriate hardware and process.

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EMA Lone worker safety for mobile and isolated workers

EMA Lone worker safety for mobile and isolated workers

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Seamless Lone Worker Solutions

Seamless Lone Worker Solutions

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

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EGIS SAR Certificate

A SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) certificate is really important to have, it makes sure that your device is safe to wear. View our preferred cellular device, EGIS' certificate here.

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EGIS - User Guide

User guide for the EGIS duress device.

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Remote and Lone Worker Options Guide

This article provides information on the range of remote and lone worker solution options, including approximate costs.

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WorkSafe and NEC Case Studies

These case studies provide an overview of NEC's journey implementing a cell based solution, and WorkSafe's satellite solution project.

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Our Monitoring Service

Guardian Angel clients are monitored using processes we have developed specifically for our lone workers.

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EGIS - Cell solution

Egis cell based solution information guide

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Guardian Angel Flyer

An illustration of Guardian Angel's clients, services and process

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Hybrid Vehicle Solution - Bridge

Information on the hybrid vehicle solution by Blackline Safety. 

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Hybrid Vehicle Solution - Loner 900

Loner 900 pendant by Blackline Safety

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Safety News - Do Your Staff Have a Guardian Angel?


You can view a digital version of the magazine here.  Petra's article appears on page 30-33. 

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Lone Worker Protection

Our feature case study on the Waikato Regional Coucncil, explains what has made this project such a success! 

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Peace of Mind

Getting the right lone worker solution

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